• Raw material source & stock

      We source our Raw material for goat and sheep from the north and south of India and we also have a good initial selection process wherein our suppliers send us the desired material . A good maintenance of well stocked material ensures the right quality and quantity in the right time as required by the customer . As for Cow we use both indian and imported material as required by our customers.

  • Production facilities

      After the desired material is well inspected then it is taken for production . Good care is taken to maintain all standards with regard to quality and at the same time all care is taken to ensure the safety of the workers

      Wet Section

      Our wet end section has all polypropylene drums for both sample and bulk production there by getting consistent good quality production and also saving water.

      Finishing yard

      With all the updated machines the leathers are finished under strict supervision to meet all the customer requirements of the customer.

  • Final inspection

      A team of experienced inspectors do the final selection as per the requirements of the customer .

  • New development

      Constant development is done to make new articles . Further constant research and development is done to improve productivity and output with the minimum carbon print .

  • Effluent treat plant

      All the effluent is treated in a compact state of art effluent treatment plant where in we have a three stage reverse osmosis treatment and all the water is reused for our production purpose. Further our Tannery has zero discharge of effluent into the soil there by taking care for the environment.

  • LWG certificate

      Our Tannery is been awarded GOLD for the LWG audit done.

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